Run VR - Tips and tricks

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1. Not hitting the coins or diamonds?

Sometimes you need to reset the position of the head gear. Press and hold the "O" button on your hand controller to reset your position in the virtual world.


2. Getting dizzy?

To avoid dizziness while playing the VR app, you may want to avoid using the boost feature. You can also adjust the bouncing to make it more realistic and match your running motion.


3. Can't find the menu?

Maybe it is behind you. Just turn around, or use the joystick to turn.


4. Looking for the diamonds?

We won’t spoil the fun by telling you where they are. Finding the diamonds is part of the challenge. But you might find some hints on youtube.


5. Change the volume?

To change the volume, press the volume buttons on the meta quest head set.


6. Using hand tracking

You can use the app without controllers. Just use your hands to select levels, and use finger pinches to activate functions like boosting, gliding and direction lock.


7. Controller buttons

A - Context menu
B - Glider
Y - Jet pack
X - Stand still
Shoot - Boost speed
Grip - Lock direction

Descriptions of the buttons that are used in the VR game.

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